Hosting a podcast is not that different from hosting radio shows. That’s why it’s not much of a surprise when we find radio DJs starting (and succeeding) in the podcast industry. Here are 12 radio DJs, former and current, who host their own podcasts.


Alex Calleja has worn many hats throughout his entertainment career. Among the many things that he has been, one of them is being a radio DJ. Since (year), Alex has been part of Magic 89.9’s segment Boys Night Out (B.N.O).

Besides hosting a radio show, he also hosts his podcast, Punchline with Alex Calleja. It is a Spotify Exclusive show where he interviews entertainment personalities. Some of the guests are his friends from the industry and some artists he worked with before. They talk about a whole range of topics, whether fun, erotic, important, non-sense, and many more.


Cesca Litton-Kalaw is a courtside reporter, former MTV Philippines VJ, and a former DJ.

Following her brief radio DJ work at U92 with her fellow MTV VJs, she returned to radio as a co-host in Wave 89.1’s morning radio show, The Morning Takeover. Unfortunately, she had to leave radio again since her comeback for medical reasons.

Now, Cesca co-hosts Off The Record with Migs and Cesca, a sports podcast, with news anchor and sports commentator Migs Bustos.


Chico Garcia is DJ from Monster Radio RX93.1 while Gino Quillamor is from Magic 89.9. The two have worked together in Monster RX 93.1’s The Morning Rush. But our hearts were broken when Gino left the station in 2018.

Finally, Chico and Gino reunited to share reviews, laughs, and sometimes innuendos through their podcast, OnlyFun with Chico and Gino. OnlyFun  with Chico and Gino is a Spotify Exclusive podcast where they share their playful, sometimes alluding, but often witty, thoughts on a show after watching its first episode.

It has been nothing but fun since episode one.


Delamar Arias worked as a DJ in Monster RX 93.1. She was one of the pioneer hosts of The Morning Rush with Chico Garcia. She later moved to Magic 89.9.Meanwhile, Gelli Victor and Monica Francesca were also radio jocks from Monster RX 93.1.

These three ladies host The Eve’s Drop, a podcast where they get real on topics about life.

Together with Jude Rocha, they also host Eves Drop Radio, a music+talk podcast.

Monica also co-hosts The Ride with Jude Rocha.


Nicole Hyala and Chris Tsuper are two well-known radio personalities in the Philippine radio scene. Together, they co-hosted 90.7 Love Radio’s program called Tambalang Balasubas at Balahura.

They continued their program, but now as Spotify exclusive podcast called Tambalan Podcast, with longer running time and unfiltered thoughts and antics from the hosts.



Before being one of the pioneer hosts of O-Shopping, Cara Eriguel was one of the hosts of Monster RX 93.1’s Wild and Wicked. She was with the station from 2015 to 2018.

Not long after she left the station, Cara started her own podcast, After 30 with Cara Eriguel. After 30 with Cara Eriguel is a self-help podcast where she talks about lifestyle, finance, career, relationships, self-love, sex, and more.


JC Tevez and Rica G are also both from Monster RX 93.1. While Tevez left in December 2021, Rica is still an active DJ in the station.

JC hosts his own podcast, Tevez is the Best, where he opens more about himself. In the show, he shares his thoughts on pop culture trends, his rants, his love for food, and everything else in between.

The former DJ also co-hosts a podcast with Rica called The Halo-Halo Show. In this show, the two talk about what’s happening around trending topics, respond to fan mails, and just bring listeners insights and fun.




Jhai Ho is a resident DJ in MOR 101.9. The non-renewal of ABS-CBN’s franchise shut down the station, but that did not stop Jhai Ho from doing what he’s good at, hosting.

Now, Jhai Ho hosts Before They Were Stars: The Podcast and Hotspot the Podcast. Before They Were Stars is a show that features personal accounts of some of today’s biggest stars before they achieved fame. Meanwhile, Hotspot features exclusive interviews and fun challenges with your favorite Kapamilya stars.

Jhai Ho also co-hosts We Rise Together Aftershow with ABS-CBN’s Rise artists. This show is where they share their takeaways from their interview or subjects from their livestream, We Rise Together.


Sam Oh worked as a radio host in Magic 89.9 FM and Play 99.5 FM. She retired as a radio host in 2018.

Sam hosts The Narrow Door, an ecumenical podcast that aims to promote dialogue in the Christian community. In this podcast, she facilitates a discussion with a Catholic lay preacher, an evangelical pastor, and a non-denominational Bible instructor to explore their different perspectives and celebrate all the different ways that one can be a Christian.


Stan Sy was a DJ in Mellow 94.7 and Wave 89.1 FM. But aside from his passion for radio, Stan is also a wrestling enthusiast.

In 2014, he combined his talent and his profound interest in wrestling in his first podcast, The Wrestling-Wrestling Podcast. In this show, Stan talks about professional wrestling for the thinking Filipino fan with his co-hosts pro-wrestler Ro Moran and stand-up comedian Chino Liao.

When the pandemic hit, Stan came up with his passion project, On Deck with Stan Sy. In this podcast, Stan introduces us to the real people behind the voices you hear on the radio.


Tony Toni and Rica Cruz are hosts of Magic 89.9’s evening program, Boys Night Out (B.N.O).

Tony and Rica also host their own podcast titled Sexy Minds Podcast. In this show, they talk about sex, love, relationships, and mental health.

Where can I listen?

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