The biggest podcast network in Southeast Asia is one of DigiCon’s media partners and will be giving a talk on podcasting in the Philippines.

Podcast Network Asia is a gold media partner of this year’s biggest digital marketing event, the Internet & Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP), DigiCon.

As a gold media partner, PNA would be helping DigiCon create their branded podcast and will deploy programmatic ads about this year’s conference. Besides PNA’s segment, DigiCon attendees will also get a chance to get to know the podcast network during breaks through our AVP.

Converse and Connect

This year, DigiCon is here to celebrate innovation, problem-solving, and the spirit of entrepreneurship. In line with this, the CEO of the biggest podcast network in Asia, Ron Baetiong, will mediate a discussion on October 12, Wednesday, titled, “A Sound Strategy: Learning from Top Podcasters by Podcast Network Asia.”

Baetiong opens up about how being a gold media sponsor and having a talk this year is an honor.

“We’ve been a part of Digicon for several years now and to have this opportunity to put podcasting front and center in this conference is a huge milestone for the whole podcasting industry in the Philippines.”

He will be accompanied by Podcast Network Asia’s Alec Cuenca of Small Talk! With Alec Cuenca, and James Caraan of The KoolPals. Ron will lead the conversation about Alec’s and James’ podcast journey, and the strategies and steps they took to grow their audience.

“Podcasting has definitely grown in the Philippines,” Baetiong adds. “Brands can take advantage of this growing industry for marketing executions.”

When asked about the talk, James Caraan of The KoolPals is honored and grateful to their loyal listeners. He highlights The KoolPals community and how the podcast creates a huge impact on the hosts, and the brands featured in the show.

“[The talk] was an amazing opportunity for our podcast to showcase the progress we’ve made throughout the years; from being just a comedy show to a podcast community with a purpose.”

Baetiong also adds that the talk is very entertaining and funny talk that delves into the nuances of podcast growth in the Philippines.

Tune in from 11:45 to 12:15 pm for the talk and stick around for a live 5-minute Question & Answer session with the man himself, Ron Baetiong.

IMMAP holds its Annual DigiCon

DigiCon is a virtual five-day long conference starting from October 10 up to October 14. It is expected that Philippine firms would be able to raise more investments in the next three years, making 2022 the tipping point for the country’s start-up scene.

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