Epson Philippines Marketing General Manager Ed Bonoan shared about Epson’s journey in the Philippines in Hustleshare episode 154.  In his interview with Ron Baetiong, Ed discussed Epson’s journey to become a market leader, not just in Inkjet printers, but also in new technology. Drawing from his extensive and impressive career experience in sales and marketing, he also shared leadership and management advice.


Here are three of the things we learned from his interview.

The way we do things is not the only way of doing things.

As he took a quick hop on the Hustleshare time machine, Ed recalls his first few years from his experiences abroad. According to him, working in Connecticut, New York, and Tokyo made him realize that there is more than one way of looking at things. 

It opened me to a whole dimension of personalities and cultures. It taught me that the way we’re used to doing things in the Philippines is not the only way [to do things]. There are different points of views and different starting points that people would take when looking at the same box, but from a different angle.

Educate your market.

Ed described “educating the market” as one of the biggest lessons he learned through the years. Sharing that he worked with companies, he points out that persuasion was not always present. This is because they were mostly hard-selling, not much differentiating or communicating what made their products the best. 

He also talked about Epson Philippines’ journey and its strategy on how the company educated its market, both retail customers and its internal corporate side. 

Acknowledge your people.

In this part of the conversation, Ed mentioned that we must know how and when to put our people on the pedestal. Leaders should be able to make their people feel good about themselves, especially in times when they deserve it the most. 

After all, these people do a lot of groundwork for the company.

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