Refresh your mind and body with Tsamara from Meditate with Tsamara Podcast.

It’s so easy for our minds and bodies to lose composure and fall into poor disposition nowadays. With everything that is going in the world today, achieving that state of physical and spiritual calmness might be harder than before.

Good thing, Tsamara is here to help you with that.

Tsamara is the Indonesian podcaster from Podcast Network Asia who aims to help you care for your physical and mental well-being. In her podcast Meditate with Tsamara, she combines meditation and yoga practices with scientific insights from her MSc degree in Neuroscience, Psychology, and Economics. She also invites special guests who are experts on the topics of some episodes to discuss with.

To help with your pursuit of well-being, here are three ways to attain inner peace:

1. Read self-help books

In Ep. 113, Tsamara interviewed Ellis Bartholomeus about her new book that helps you understand yourself better. In their discussion, you’ll learn practices and tools that can help you on your self-development journey.


2. Be holistically fit

In her discussion with Lauryn Rainey, Tsamara explains how you can heal with a holistic approach. If you feel unsatisfied with your physical, mental, and spiritual health, Ep. 109 will help you get back to the right state with an open mind and different perspective.

3. Meditate daily

Now let’s dig deeper into the practice. In this guided meditation episode, we practice the act of sending love and compassion to ourselves, the people we love, and everyone around us.

Meditate with Tsamara is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other digital podcast streaming platforms. Have you listened to Tsamara’s interviews or guided meditations? Share your experience with us through @podcastnetworkasia and @pnaindonesia on Instagram! Namaste.

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Meditate with Tsamara podcast Cover Art

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