The lockdown can’t stop the Flick Off podcast from talking about films! Today is a very special day because Flick Off is celebrating its first year on the podcast.

As we celebrate Flick Off’s first birthday, let’s look back at its top 5 episodes of all time.

#1 S2EP22: Sex, Lies, and Patikim ng Pinya

In this explicit episode, Dos, Kaila, and Uncle Faruq talk about movie theaters that house adult films. From sex in cinemas to deciphering meanings and innuendos behind Bomba films, the gang has tons of fun memories to share. Listen on Spotify.

#2: S2 EP14: Paano Nga Ba Mag-Move On? Films to Help Forget Your Ex

Moving on? This episode is for you! The hosts pick 5 films that give them comfort when dealing with heartbreaks. These suggestions may be unconventional but they’re definitely worth the try! Listen on Spotify.

#3: S2 EP11: Lockdown Movies to Keep You Company

Let this Flick Off episode save you time in picking the perfect movie for you. In this episode, the hosts discuss their recommendations for your upcoming binge-watch sessions that will make you feel less lonely. Listen on Spotify.

#4 S2EP19: May pera nga ba sa pagpe-pelikula?

A student letter-sender asks the Flick Off hosts Dos, Kaila Yz, and Uncle Faruq on the risks and possibilities of pursuing filmmaking as a career. Drawing from their personal experiences, Doz, Kaila, and Uncle Faruq respond by highlighting the realities, advantages, and disadvantages of working in the industry. Listen on Spotify.

#5 S2 EP10: Why are Some Movies… Bad?

In this episode, we get a glimpse of the hosts’ film tastes as they share why certain movies would never get their approvals. Listen on Spotify.

Flick Off is an unfiltered and unhinged film podcast under Podcast Network Asia. In each episode, they critique local and international films while dishing out a heaping serving of juicy insights in between. The podcast’s goal is to flip the boat and shake the industry by giving voice to the general viewing public, eschewing the pretenses of the academic critic circles. Celebrate with us and listen to Flick Off on Spotify.

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