Podcast Network Asia partners with LoveYourself PH

Oct 01, 2021

Podcast Network Asia (PNA) teams up with LoveYourself PH in spreading the value of self-worth and the importance of loving yourself.

“Tambalan”, “OnlyFun” now Spotify Exclusives

Sep 22, 2021

Podcast Network Asia’s Tambalan and OnlyFun join the network’s pool of Spotify Exclusive shows.

15 Filipino Celebrities who host a Podcast

15 Filipino Celebrities who host a Podcast

Sep 22, 2021

As the podcast industry in the Philippines continues to grow, more people join the platform. Here are 15 Filipino celebrities who host a podcast.


3 Tsamara-approved ways to Improve Inner Peace

Sep 20, 2021

Refresh your mind and body with Tsamara from Meditate with Tsamara Podcast.

It’s so easy for our minds and bodies to lose composure and fall into poor disposition nowadays. With everything that is going in the world today, achieving that state of physical and spiritual calmness might be harder than before.

Good thing, Tsamara is here to help you with that and more.

10 Filipino podcasters to motivate and remind you of the things you need to hear when faced with the evil whispers of procrastination

10 podcaster quotes you need to hear to escape procrastination nation

Sep 16, 2021

Do you tend to do things at the last minute despite having ample time to do them? 

Well, it looks like you’re a member of the procrastination nation. You relax and believe that “tomorrow is another day” until the deadline comes without a single task accomplished on your plate. Then, you clutch everything and regret losing that wasted time that could’ve made your work even better.  

5 most-listened Flick Off episodes

Sep 14, 2021

The lockdown can’t stop the Flick Off podcast from talking about films! Today is a very special day because Flick Off is celebrating its first year on the podcast.

Christopher Lao guests on Machong Chismisan Podcast

Sep 13, 2021

Remember Christopher Lao? He was the guy who got cancelled in 2011 after complaining about the Quezon City flood on national TV.

Coping & Kwento Podcast centers on coping with 7 Deadly Sins

Sep 11, 2021

Coping & Kwento podcast focuses on coping hacks in dealing with the 7 Deadly Sins on its return for season 2.

Is the grass greener on the other side of the world?

Sep 07, 2021

Podcast Network Asia welcomes The Greener Side into the network. The Greener Side is a podcast hosted by Kring Lacson that gives people know the how-to’s in migrating overseas.