The biggest podcast network in Asia, Podcast Network Asia (PNA), offers a simple and affordable growth and editing subscription service for podcasters across the globe. Its newest product, Podmachine, is an AI-powered system that helps podcasters reach their fullest potential with minimal cost.

As of March 2022, reports show that there are over 4 million podcasts in the world and in 2021 alone, 1.7 million podcasts were created. However, a good chunk of independently created podcasts that were created likely stopped producing content because the real problem of podcasters is not the limitation in tools and resources but the lack of time and guidance to edit and grow their shows. 

As the most experienced podcast network in Asia, PNA has helped 265+ podcasts in Southeast Asia solve the problem of podcast editing and growth.

Normally, it takes around three to four hours to edit a single hour-long podcast episode. On top of that, marketing collaterals to further promote a show takes around one to two hours to make. Finding guests, sponsors and partners is also tedious work that one-man podcasters usually struggle with. 

This privilege is usually experienced only by podcasters that have a network or organization to help them. However, only a select few will ever have that chance to join a network hence PNA created a platform that democratizes these privileges so more podcasters can enjoy having a great team that helps them edit and grow their podcast for an affordable price –

What is Podmachine?


Podmachine is a subscription platform that helps podcasters grow and edit their shows. Using Podmachine, podcasters can let the production process be handled by a team of skilled producers. All the podcasters need to do is drop the episode with edit notes and it will be ready for publishing and release within a 48-hour window. 

Podcasters using Podmachine will also get to cross-promote their shows to similar podcasts and get help creating marketing collaterals for their show in just a few clicks. Podmachine does this because executing cross-promotions with the right podcasts is the most effective and proven way to grow a podcast audience.

Podmachine is also powered by a 24/7 AI assistant backed by well-experienced Podcast Managers that have helped hundreds of podcasters in managing their podcasts across multiple categories and formats.

“We’ve seen that the best podcasts thrive long-term when you have the best team helping the creator nurture the community and it takes a village to grow a podcast,” says Podmachine’s Founder and CEO, Ronster Baetiong 


Podmachine is available in three different plans: Basic for $49.99, Pro for $149.99, and Elite for $399.99. The Basic plan is perfect for existing podcasters who don’t want to edit their episodes, Pro is made for new podcasters who need help in creating their concept, sound design, and marketing strategies, while the Elite plan is for advanced podcasters who do video and content repurposing.

Join many new and established podcasts like the Shopify-focused eCommerce Fastlane podcast, which uses Podmachine for editing, mixing, show notes, and social media graphics for their twice-weekly show.

Podmachine helps podcasters do the dirty work in podcasting, making them record and let the system do the rest. To learn more about Podmachine, visit and get a free trial edit for one episode available in multiple languages. 

In an episode of Walwal Sesh, hosts Doc Gia Sison and Sir Renz Argao talk about the lessons they’ve learned from a broken heart. Together with special guest dietitian Jo Sebastian, the Spotify Exclusive show discussed the correlation of our broken hearts to our sleep patterns, as the hosts of the “Podcast ng mga sawi” remember some of their own experiences as well.

The show’s Episode 211, which is sponsored by Puritan’s Pride Melatonin Natural Sleep Aid, talked about 3 real lessons from a broken heart along with Jo Sebastian’s thoughts on how our body and mind can heal through it. Here are some of the lessons they discussed in the episode:

Healing is an everyday commitment

Everything takes time, and healing is one of them. When we are in the process of healing, don’t expect it to be as linear. There will be bumps along the way, and there will be days when you suddenly feel like you’re back in that abyss of darkness again and that’s fine. This is something this episode reminded Walwalers

Don’t feel guilty for taking care of yourself

The episode’s guest, Jo Sebastian, urges listeners to “force rest.” According to her, when people feel burnt out, forcing themselves to do more would only harm their wellbeing. Taking a rest for about two weeks can do can make your body and mind miss the things you do, making the process of healing more healthy and natural.

Remind yourself of the things you deserve

A lot of people struggle with eating habits because they think they don’t deserve to eat. This is an example given by Jo Sebastian as she shares some of the things she witnessed with her patients’ physical health. With this, she reminded everyone that if you’re compromising your happiness for your so-called end goal, maybe you should rethink if that goal is worth it after all.

Get better sleep with a special limited offer from Puritan’s Pride on Lazada! All you need to do is use the voucher code “PPxTheWalwalSesh” to get 37% off with a minimum spend of only Php 599. Promo runs until March 31.

Content creators TOL and Typical Pinoy Crap (TPC) join Podcast Network Asia’s (PNA) list of Spotify Exclusive shows.

From publishing one-shot webcomic arts to creating platforms where they can share their thoughts on relevant topics, TOL and Typical Pinoy Crap have definitely gone a long way in creating digital content. Today, that includes having two of the top Philippine podcasts in Spotify, the world’s most popular audio streaming platform, and becoming Spotify Exclusives.

Prior to being podcasters, TOL and Typical Pinoy Crap’s Facebook pages have already garnered around 300,000 and 400,000 followers respectively. On top of that, TOL also posts his artworks on Instagram and Twitter, where he also hosts regular Spaces.

Typical Pinoy Crap Podcast

Typical Pinoy Crap, formerly known as Teenage Pinoy Crap, has been sharing funny and relatable content about heartbreaks, political and social issues since 2013. His relatable hot takes and real talk memes have been creating noise among millennials in the social media realm since then. In September 2020, he decided to make some noise in the podcasting world as well.

After deciding to expand his platform to podcasting, TPC joined Podcast Network Asia to reach more audiences and boost his following.

“Bilang baguhan, ang naramdaman ko noong na-inform ako na magiging bahagi ako ng PNA, para akong nakaramdam ng security knowing na may gagabay sa akin sa podcast journey ko. Nakaka-excite rin dahil ‘yong mga shows noon na under na ng PNA e talaga namang matunog na sa industriya,” shares Ed, the host of Typical Pinoy Crap Podcast.

His episodes resonate well with his fellow millennials as he gives his hot takes about relevant typical Pinoy craps that need to stop. Among these are body shaming, unhealthy relationships, bullying and other ‘shiyets’ as he calls it. He also reads letters from his followers where he gives several pieces of advice in a comical TPC-way.

Yellow Space

“Valid emotions mo.” These are the assuring words you’ll usually see on TOL’s social media pages. He also uses the handle @validemotionsmo across all platforms where he addresses his followers “tol” or “bro” in English.

“The terminology ‘TOL’ means brother you can talk to, a person you can really trust and during this times, we deserve to have our own TOL, to have our own Yellow Guy who is willing to be there for us when we feel that we’re alone,” says Khian, the host of Yellow Space.

TOL’s content mainly revolves around messages of hope, accompanied by TOL’s yellow art style that gives off a bright and positive vibe. His posts help thousands of people who seek a safe place to know that their feelings are indeed valid.

“TOL’s character design was actually based on what I really looked like, for example, the three-haired bangs TOL has, it’s based on my real-life hair. Also, the orange spots in his cheeks are from my own acne marks which are the insecurities that I turned into art,” he adds.

As his numbers grew on Twitter, he maximized the audio livestream feature on Twitter called Spaces. He holds regular sessions on Spaces where he talks about motivational and positive things that Gen Zs need. Most of them struggled with online classes at the height of the pandemic that’s why hearing words of affirmations such as, “You did well today” can make a huge difference.

That’s why around September 2021, he decided to have his own space for his listeners. It’s called Yellow Space, where people can listen repeatedly without the need to catch him live.

The Gen Z podcaster TOL talks to the listeners as if he just sent a voice memo he sent to someone he loves. The snackable podcast episodes he published made him one of the top podcasts in the country, being a regular in Spotify’s charts.

On February 23, TPC and TOL will be officially launched as part of Spotify’s roster of exclusive content creators. You may listen to Yellow Space and Typical Pinoy Crap Podcast exclusively on Spotify. Follow the podcasts, rate the shows with 5 stars, and hit the notification bell for more updates about the release of podcast episodes.

Podcast Network Asia takes concrete mental health actions to aid its employees who work amidst a global pandemic.

Due to the health outbreak, Podcast Network Asia was forced to halt its office hours and turn everything into digital. From recording, editing and marketing the shows, operations have been purely virtual for the two-year-old startup company.

As the line goes thinner between home and work, many work-from-home employees around the globe struggle with anxiety, burnout and other mental health-related illnesses. Studies suggest that the health pandemic might also be the start of a mental health pandemic, something that the network wants to address by doing its part with its employees.

Mind You and Podcast Network Asia

Before 2021 ended, Podcast Network Asia signed-up with Mind You Health Systems. Mind You is a mental health technology company that provides businesses with easy access to preventative therapy sessions with licensed psychologists, using a personalized dashboard. The sessions can be booked via the employees’ personal Mind You dashboard and may be done via video call, voice call, or chat.

On top of that, they will also receive educational campaign materials on how to recover from burnout, how to deal with stress and other important matters on a regular basis. They can also join wellness webinars led by Mind You’s health department and corporate trainers.

“There is no such thing as a pandemic playbook that companies can review when dealing with employees’ welfare. But one thing we learned as a company is the importance of mental stability. If your workforce is happy, you can make them stay longer with better quality outputs. Thus, by prioritizing their mental health, we can remain as the biggest podcast network in Southeast Asia,” says Ronster Baetiong, Podcast Network Asia’s CEO and Founder.

PNA’s other Founder and Chief Content & Operations Officer Atty. Josef Acuña also adds, “As a company, we see our employees as our most valuable assets. They’re the reason for our traction and growth. By investing in their mental health, we can also reciprocate all the hard work they’ve poured into the network.”

Muni-muni Stories, a podcast co-produced by Filipinas Heritage Library (FHL) and Podcast Network Asia, will launch its second season on January 3, 2022. In this new season, many heavyweights in the film industry will talk about official soundtracks (OSTs) of Pinoy movies we love.

The first episode will kick off by talking about the classic dance-themed film, Hataw Na! (1995).

Hataw Na! is borne out of the 1990s collaboration between Gary Valenciano and Jungee Marcelo. The song lends its title to a 1995 movie written and directed by award-winning writer and director, Direk Jose Javier Reyes. The said movie was all about celebrating youth expression through dance moves.

In the first episode, Muni-muni host Sofia Santiago got the pleasure to interview the one and only Mr. Energy Gary Valenciano, alongside Jungee Marcelo and Direk Jose Javier Reyes. The three talked about their thoughts as songmakers and director on beats, melodies, creation, performance, and its intersections reflected in cinema, dance, and music.

“When we were doing the first season of Muni-muni Stories, we thought that Hataw Na! is a perfect fit for the second season because [Hataw Na!] has three art forms intersecting: film, dance and music,” shares Sofia Santiago, host of Muni-muni Stories and Associate Manager and Curator for Partnerships, Programs, and Exhibitions on the podcast.

Also in the second season line-up are Glaiza De Castro, Direk Antoinette Jadaone, Up Dharma Down’s Armi Millare, Direk JP Habac, and more guests.

“We decided to focus on the soundtracks of iconic Filipino movies because we wanted it to be a bit different from the first season, where we deep dive on the creative process behind the song. In season 2, we wanted to know the relationship between soundtracks and movies and how music communicates the narrative of the film and vice versa,” Santiago adds.

FHL’s Head of Partnerships, Programs, and Exhibitions Monica Araneta Tiosejo also says, “What started as a love letter to the heritage of Philippine music, inspired by the library’s HIMIG Collection, has branched out to discuss local films by way of soundtracks. Slowly, the podcast is becoming a platform to talk about everything Filipiniana, inviting more reflection or pagmuni-munihan of our culture.”

Filipinas Heritage Library is the home to over 1,000 vinyl records of Original Pilipino Music. It is the other half of Ayala Foundation’s Arts and Culture Division that archives vintage phonograph records, spanning the decades from the 1920s to the 1980s. Included in them are selections considered as classical, light classical, popular, and indigenous.

The non-profit organization will also preserve the recordings of all nine episodes in the library, adding podcast audio files in FHL’s HIMIG Collection. Adding the interviews moderated by Santiago makes it easier for future generations to research about the integration of music and film in current times.

Muni-muni Stories Season 2 will be available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or other podcast streaming platforms starting on January 3, 2022. You may also follow Filipinas Heritage Library and Podcast Network Asia on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more updates.

It’s harder to find a job in 2021. With heavier competition in landing that dream job, answering interview questions has become a greater challenge than ever. But good thing, Coach Lyqa Maravilla is here to help us Get Hired! as she shares how you can ace those tricky HR interview questions.

What is your dream job?

How can you describe your dream job to your potential employer? What’s the perfect response that will get you hired? Coach Lyqa shares how this simple question requires a proper way of answering as she says that the wrong approach might turn off your interviewer.

Tell me about the mistake you made.

Did you know that there’s a perfect way of sharing the mistake you did at your previous job—that will still get you hired? Learn how you can discuss a mistake you made without looking like an incompetent candidate in this episode.

How to get hired in a BPO company

Are you anxious about your upcoming job interview at a BPO company? Don’t worry because our former BPO employee, Coach Lyqa, is here to help you get that job!

The difference between a resume and a curriculum vitae

Before you ace those interview questions, make sure you know the difference between a resume and curriculum vitae. By doing this, you can send the correct file for your job application.


To learn more tips and tricks on how to get hired, listen to Get Hired! hosted by Lyqa Maravilla on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or other podcast streaming platforms.

When in Manila and Podcast Network Asia continue their partnership with a new podcast, Mom & Pod. The podcast will be hosted by When in Manila’s Chief Operating Officer, Sky Gavin.

When asked how Mom & Pod differs from the existing parenting podcasts in the country, Gavin says that in this podcast, “we keep it real.”

In an exclusive interview, she shares that it takes an entire village to raise a child. Her loved ones taught this invaluable lesson, giving her an idea to form a community where moms learn from one another.

“I always loved talking to my mommy friends, whether it’s about parenting, beauty or our children. It really helped me with my parenting style and it gives me ideas on what to do [that’s why] Mom & Pod aims to be the support that parents need,” says Gavin.

She also adds that the podcast will also dive deep on taboo topics such as LBTQ and single parenthood, giving the podcast an edge among existing parenting podcasts in the country.

“We make sure that all our guests will share from personal experience and we don’t just talk about traditional families that society perceives as perfect,” she reveals.

The show will invite celebrity moms to talk about family, relationships and career.

Mom & Pod is the second podcast that Podcast Network Asia and When in Manila are co-producing.

Mom of one

The podcast host, Sky Gavin, is a mother of a two-year-old baby girl. Aside from fulfilling the huge role of being a mother, she also thrives in her career as the COO of one of the biggest blog websites in the Philippines.

“I take it one day at a time. Now that she’s a little older, I explain to her that she can play on her own while I work, then we play together when I’m done,” says Gavin.

This parenting technique allows her to work during her work hours and spend quality time with her daughter as she clocks out. By doing this, her child gets to know when mommy’s “work time” and “playtime” are.

“Sometimes she asks me, ‘Mommy, are you working?’ and oftentimes I get a little guilty because she wants me to attend to her. I owe it to my husband and our parents who also help us with our daughter especially when we have many things to do,” she says.

Mom and Pod’s release date coincides with Sky’s birthday on November 24, 2021. This will be available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or other podcast streaming platforms. You may also listen to When in Manila and Podcast Network Asia’s first co-produced podcast Young Money, hosted by Vince Golangco and Daiana Menezes.

Podcast Network Asia’s CEO Ronster Baetiong will be one of the speakers of Asia Podcast Festival, while his Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Josef Acuña will judge this year’s Asia Podcast Awards.

Asia Podcast Festival is in its second year of celebrating podcast excellence by bringing the best podcasters in Asia. The festival aims to provide a sandbox for emerging talents to grow and experiment, with the help of industry leaders such as Podcast Network Asia’s Ronster Baetiong and Josef Acuña

“We are very honored for Podcast Network Asia to represent the country at an international podcast festival with the hopes of making podcasting mainstream.” says Baetiong. 

Acuña also added, “Our goal in PNA is to empower content creators’ voices, so we are excited to be one of the judges in this year’s awarding ceremony as the industry recognizes some of the most powerful voices in the podcasting scene.”

Asia Podcast Festival consists of four pillars, designed to professionalize the Asia podcasting industry: 

Podlab: A hybrid podcast accelerator program that will take place over the course of 4 weeks. The Podlab is an industry level program for serious entries into the podcast industry. It aims to equip applicants with industry level knowledge, tools and connection to supercharge their career.

Awards: For Asia by Singapore, the Asia Podcast Awards celebrate the best in Asia podcasting. By creating the platform to organize and honor the members of the Asian podcasting community, we will empower Asian voices and celebrate our voices and diversity with the rest of the world. 

Conference: For existing podcasters, we have a series of in-person and virtual conferences and networking sessions during the Singapore Media Festival in December to level up their skills and work with them to bring their podcasts to the next level.

Marketplace: A series of assisted business matching sessions that aims to build the Asian podcasting community, to create support and potential business partnerships. The marketplace is open to podcasters, brand owners and potential sponsors. 

“We are so excited to bring back a bigger and better version of the Asia Podcast Festival for a second edition. We hope to encourage the attendees, be it podcast companies, media representatives, beginner creators or professionals seeking opportunities in the audio space. to support and build the budding podcast ecosystem in Singapore and Asia,” says Raven Lim, founder of MeaVox Live and the organizer of the inaugural Asia Podcast Festival in 2019.  

The Asia Podcast Festival has a line up of regional and international trainers and speakers from Singapore, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, USA, Sweden, as our very own Ronster Baetiong represents both the Philippines and Podcast Network Asia

Aside from Podcast Network Asia, other international podcast networks will also join such as IVM Podcasts, Renegade Radio, StoryFM, and brands like technical experts from Audio-Technica and City Music. StoryFM has been named the sole media partner for China as well.

Application for Asia Podcast Awards was launched on October 1, 2021, and will close on November 21, 2021. You can now register at the workshops and the conference sessions

You can also win FREE tickets for a limited time. Just email with the subject title, “Podcast Network Asia” and share why you want to participate at Asia Podcast Festival in the body.  Deadline of entries is on November 5, 2021. 

Looking for a way to feel the Halloween spirit at home? From unsettling and eerie horror narratives to true crime stories, we have 7 horror-thriller podcasts for you!

Let your imagination run wild as you binge-listen to these horror-thriller podcasts with Podcast Network Asia.

1. Nginig Stories

As the name suggests, Nginig Stories features various Tagalog horror stories that makes you nginig throughout each episode. The show is narrated in the Filipino language as it features fictional and real-life horror stories submitted to its host Kira. It is one of the most-listened horror podcasts under Podcast Network Asia as it serves spine-chilling episodes that make followers listen for more.

2. Philippine Campfire Stories

The Philippines is rich with mythical stories, folklore, and legends. In this podcast, we unveil the horror stories from the past as we go on a campfire experience with camp master Earl Jerico.

Spend your Halloweek with Philippine Campfire Stories’ well-researched episodes here.

3. Stories Philippines Podcast

Enticing you with horror stories and conspiracies that are fiction and non-fiction, Stories Philippines Podcast accommodates listeners who are ready to imagine the unimaginable narratives, facts, history, culture of the Philippines and the rest of the world.
Each episode is filled with not just one—but multiple stories—that make you sleep with the lights on at night.

4. Asia in the Shadows

Asia in the Shadows is the newest thriller podcast under the network, hosted by Filipino-German Christine Abrigana. The show highlights true crime stories from the largest and most diverse continent on the planet.

Its pilot episode titled “The Jessica Wongso and Mirna Salihin Story” tackles the real-life story from Indonesia about a friendship that ended in revenge and murder.

5. PH Murder Stories

From rape cases to hazings, slayings to suicides, murders to massacres, kidnapping to killings—you can find them all in PH Murder Stories. This is a podcast that narrates infamous murder and true crime stories that brings chills around your body.

It recently launched its second season with Podcast Network Asia last October 8, 2021, and is ready to bring more intriguing crime stories that make us scared for our lives.

6. The Last 24 Hours

The Last 24 Hours features the most notorious and almost unbelievable events that lead to true crime cases around the world. This podcast keeps listeners awake for the last 24 hours as it proves that the devil is in the details.

This show will premiere its third season on October 29, 2021, as it gives listeners a new show format called Choose Your Own Adventure. Each story will have at least three episodes with different character POVs that will surely intrigue its avid listeners.

7. Quickie PH

Quickie PH is a podcast made for thirsty listeners. Filled with erotica with hints of horror and suspense on the side. More than just a podcast for your listening pleasure, it is also a show that will haunt your next sexcapade.

Can you listen to these shows without the lights on? Join these shows along with Class Clown’s Chino Liao and TOL from Yellow Space as Earl from Philippine Campfire Stories and Jan Paul’s Stories Philippines Podcast take over Podcast Network Asia’s Instagram page. This will happen on October 27, 8:30pm and October 28, 8:00pm respectively.

The show hosts will accept the challenge of listening in the dark as they also talk about the scariest thing they’ve encountered in their lives.
What are you waiting for? Check out these podcasts on Spotify, Apple Podcast, or wherever you listen to podcasts. But beware, listen at your own risk.


Podcast Network Asia (PNA), the largest podcast network in the Philippines, partners with World Vision for its #GirlsCan campaign.  

The nonprofit organization recently launched its third year of the fundraising campaign, which aims to help girls reach their potential and achieve their dreams. #GirlsCan was originally introduced in 2019 as 1000 Girls and successfully supported thousands of Filipino girls throughout the years.

The global movement intends to empower young girls and give them opportunities through the organization’s Child Sponsorship program.

It also drum beats the celebration of International Day of the Girl on October 11.

A lot of Filipino girls are struggling right now, and they don’t deserve this. They must look forward to a better future, not a dark and uncertain one. Education is a concrete way to empower them to be able to take more control over their own lives,” shared World Vision ambassador Gretchen Ho.

I’m encouraging everyone to please support World Vision’s #GirlsCan campaign and let us help the girls achieve their dreams despite being hurdled by the challenges of the pandemic,” she added.

To bring more awareness to this good cause, World Vision tapped Podcast Network Asia as one of its media partners. The network houses strong women podcasters, as well as podcasters who create parenting contents in their shows. These hosts aim to use their platforms in igniting the light to the girls in need.

The Eve’s Drop and I Homeschool will interview former sponsored girls in its upcoming episodes. Meanwhile, other PNA podcasters also shared their support through mid-rolls in its recent episodes. Some of which are It’s An Adult Thing, Anything Goes with the Bonis, You Can Do This!, Langga Speaks and more. 

Learn how you can support the #GirlsCan campaign by visiting You may also follow @worldvisionph on Facebook and @worldvisionphl on Instagram for more updates.