Brands & Advertisers

We work with brands to help them engage their audiences more intimately, their undivided attention on relevant content and messages that really speak to them as people not just “consumers.”

There is no such thing as a passive podcast listener, that’s why they’re likely to engage with advertising they hear on the podcast.

When you take thoughtfully crafted content that is designed for an audience type, the response to a branded message is immediate. In fact, 81% of listeners have acted on an audio ad heard during a podcast, and these include researching about the brand online or connecting with the brand on social media.

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Advertising in Podcasts

We’ll work with you to identify what kinds of ads work best for your brand and your audience and which shows to place them in.

And it starts off with your brief.

Some of the things we can explore together –

– Personalised ad plan
– Creative execution
– Promotions and offers

Whether it’s still a germ of an idea or something specific you’re looking into, send us an email or contact us here

Creating Branded Content

Branded podcasts provide the most native and organic listening experience for a brand and its audience.

It has the ability to hold better engagement because it is delivering the message in a very relevant and immersive way.

Think of your brand’s ideals and how you want to add value to people’s lives. Now imagine that in a podcast brought to life by hosts that inspire and take listeners through stories that they will want to listen to, follow, and share.

We know brands and the power of storytelling through podcasts.

Learn more about branded podcasts through our case studies here.

Analytics and Performance

We are obsessed with podcasts that’s why we make sure that it’s positioned for success. And a successful podcast is prime advertising property for brands and marketers.

Our knowledge and insights come from a proprietary performance platform called Podmetrics.

We use this to understand our advertisers’ brief, make a recommendation on which shows to place in, which execution works best, and how long to run it for.

When you create a branded podcast with us, you get the full suite of services, from production to analytics, and you have access to your own Podmetrics dashboard.