The Filipino podcast industry has grown a lot over the years. As the industry continues to grow, more and more people join the platform, including tv and film personalities. Here are some Filipino TV and film celebrities and personalities who host their podcasts:


In “Who Are You When No One’s Watching?, the country’s King of Talk holds intimate, relaxed, and insightful talks with celebrities and influential personalities. These talks are designed to move you, to make you think, or to at least nudge you to reflect.

In its 12-episode first season, Tito Boy interviewed Angel Locsin, Harry Roque, Bro. Sanchez, Frankie Pangilinan, Toni Gonzaga, Bianca Gonzales, Mariel Padilla, Kokoy De Santos, Elijah Canlas, Bela Padilla, KC Concepcion, RS Francisco, and Karen Davila.

Tito Boy is no stranger to the interview format. Even before he started his podcast, Tito Boy was already one of the most established and esteemed talk show hosts in the country. Believe us when we say that he is amazing on a podcast setup just as much as he is on television.


Carla, popularly known as Rica, goes spontaneous with her pastor husband Joe on Anything Goes with the Bonis. On this podcast, they talk about topics that interest them. They answer questions, share what they’re into, discuss their opinions, and more. Literally, anything goes!

Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio is a former actress, singer, and television host. Her popular projects with ABS-CBN include the tv series “Pangarap Na Bituin” and the movie “Caregiver”.


Sports news personalities Migs and Cesca host the Off the Recordpodcast. Mainly about sports, the show plays around with interviews, tutorials, lessons, inspirations, or anything that suits a sports fan.

You might recognize Migs Bustos from ANC and Cesca from CNN. Both are sports reporters, so talking about sports is very much within their element. 


Sabayan with Victor” podcast imitates the vibes and bonding you have with your friends while going on a joyride. Victor describes his conversations with his guests on his show as #IntellectWalwal. 

Outside of podcasting, Victor Anastacio is a writer and actor in the Philippines. He has appeared in movies and drama series including “Pepito Manaloto”, “Dear Uge”, “M&M: That More, The Merrier”, and more. Before his transfer to GMA, he was one of the hosts of “O-Shopping”.


Business mindsets, best practices, innovations, and opportunities in the new normal among many others. These are just some of the few topics covered on RJ Ledesma’s  “The RJ Ledesma Podcast” .

RJ Ledesma talks to some of the country’s sharpest and most innovative business personalities and entrepreneurs. He aims to learn and share business wisdom, through his conversations with them.

Aside from being a best-selling author and events host, RJ Ledesma is also an actor known for his role in “Magkaribal”, “My Perfect You”, and “And I Love You So”.


Alex Calleja extends his personality from the airwaves and screens to the streaming platforms with the “Punchline with Alex Calleja” podcast. 

On his self-hosted show, he interviews showbiz and entertainment personalities. Among his guests are his friends from the industry and some artists he worked with at some point in his career. They talk about a whole range of topics, whether fun, sad, erotic, important, non-sense, and many more. But regardless, at the end of it all, it’s going to be fun, just like a punchline. 

Alex Calleja is a stand-up comedian, host, director, TV, and radio personality. He is a DJ at Magic 89.9. He also appeared on-screen in movies including “Papa Pogi”, “The Reunion” , and “Unli Life”. 


Sam Oh hosts an ecumenical podcast that aims to promote dialogue in the Christian community titled “The Narrow Door. On this podcast, she sits down with a Catholic lay preacher, an evangelical pastor, and a non-denominational Bible instructor to explore their differences and celebrate all the various ways that one can be a Christian.

Before this podcast, Sam Oh was the main host of Solar Entertainment ETC cable channel’s ‘Rated Oh!’ She has also worked as a DJ for several radio networks, including 99.5 Play FM and Magic 89.9.


Inspiring you with one story at a time is Janeena Chan on her “Rise Up! with Janeena Chan” podcast. On this motivation and self-help podcast, Janeena talks about anything under the sun—from lifestyle topics and hearty conversations with her special guests. Packed with both knowledge and entertainment, these conversations on her podcasts aim to inspire, provide strength, and empower others to rise up. 

Janeena Chan is a multi-platform host and content creator. Besides her participation in CHiNOY TV and hosting gigs, she also makes videos for her Youtube channel.



Host, VJ, and Former DJ Cara Eriguel is here to guide us as we live our adult lives with “After 30“.

On this podcast, she talks about finance, career, relationships, self-love, sex, and many of the interests of her adult and adulting listeners. 

You might recognize Cara’s voice from RX93.1 and “O-Shopping”, a channel where Victor Anastacio formerly hosted as well. Today, besides podcasting, she is also a VJ on Cignal’s One Sports Plus.


Bago Matulog with Red Ollero” is a late-night talk show where Red Ollero talks to passionate people about what they do.  Whatever the profession or field of passion is, the conversations in “Bago Matulog with Red Ollero” are always enjoyable because the guests talk about what they love. 

Red Ollero is a stand-up comedian, writer, producer, and actor. You might recognize him from his roles in “Ang Pangarap kong Holdap”, “Unli Life”, and “Tanods”.


Wincy Ong and his wife are giving us throwback feels with “Telebabad Tapes” podcast. This podcast reminds us of the time when we were on a casual long phone call conversation with our besties.

Every episode of this podcast begins with a pop culture interest, which then smoothly segues into real-life topics related to the said item.

You may recognize him for playing Sven De Leon in “Rakista”, a comedy-music TV show that aired on TV5. 


The KoolPals” is a Filipino comedy podcast hosted by award-winning comedians James Caraan, Nonong Ballinan, Ryan Rems, and Muman Reyes. They find humor in the reality of everyday life.

Nonong Ballinan, James Caraan, and Ryan Rems were all winners in ABS-CBN It’s Showtime’s “Funny One”.

Since winning in the show, they have individually been seen on some of the network’s comedy shows and television dramas.

Meanwhile, the First Runner-Up of The Hong Kong International Comedy Festival and founder of Comedy Manila GB Labrador can also be seen on some movies like “Cuddle Weather” and “Papa Pogi”.


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