True to providing next-level experience, GoTyme Bank partners with Podcast Network Asia to heighten its market reach within the growing podcasting community. Through this collaboration, GoTyme Bank is further enabled to unlock Filipinos’ financial potential by collaborating with the country’s top Podcasters and reaching the growing Filipino podcast listeners across the country. 

Additionally, this partnership marks a major expansion of GoTyme Bank’s efforts to reach a younger audience. With podcasts covering a wide range of topics including business, technology, culture, and more, Podcast Network Asia has created an entertainment platform that has consumers engaged through on-demand audio content. 

“Our goal in PNA is to amplify voices, not just for creators but also for brands”, according to Atty. Josef Acuña, one of PNA’s founders and its Chief Content Officer. “Using the power of the spoken word, we aim to provide value to our listeners by giving them quality content and brand partners that are relevant to their interests” Atty. Acuña added. By partnering with Podcast Network Asia, GoTyme Bank is positioning itself at the forefront of the rapidly-growing podcast industry and reaching a highly engaged and affluent audience. 

This partnership cements the shared character of these two companies – creative, innovative, and always offering something new. With both companies dedicated to delivering the best in their respective fields, customers can expect even more exciting things. Together, GoTyme Bank and Podcast Network Asia continue to bring new and innovative solutions to the market. 


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