Podcast Network Asia welcomes The Greener Side into the network. The Greener Side is a podcast hosted by Kring Lacson that provides helpful tips on how to immigrate abroad.

Kring Lacson interviews multiple OFWs about visa requirements and cultural differences in The Greener Side Podcast. Before ending each episode, Kring always asks the million-peso question to her guests: “Is the grass greener in your world?”

While the answers are mostly yes, these conversations prove that there’s more than meets the eye on the greener side.

In its pilot episode, Kring listed all the necessary details and requirements in moving to New Zealand. She also shared her own observations of how Filipinos differ from Kiwis.

“Kiwis like to have small talk, which in the Philippines is considered as suspicious,” Kring noticed.

After introducing her own tale of immigrating to a foreign land, she then interviewed other Pinoys from Dubai, Canada, Australia, Thailand, and more.

Different visa requirements to discuss come with different OFW stories to tell. Some of them applied for a student visa, just like Kring, while others opted to get the work visa head-on. Interestingly enough, some of them even had a “freelancer visa” in Spain.

This podcast stays true to its core goal of helping Filipinos move overseas. The process, documents, requirements, and everything you need to expect are packed in each episode of The Greener Side.

But aside from that, it also prepares you for culture shock. In the episodes, the guests also discuss how they react to the major differences they encountered, considering that laws in most countries are stricter than in the Philippines.

These episodes can serve as research materials for those who are still weighing their options in moving to the greener side.

Listen to The Greener Side podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or wherever you get your podcast fix on Tuesdays every two weeks.

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