New Year is indeed just around the corner. However, spending it at the hike of soaring prices in the market will surely affect everyone’s way of budgeting.

As moms, we want to be practical while also making this season memorable. That is why, if you are one of the momshies who is having difficulty spending your hard-earned money and deciding what to give to your loved ones during this special season, here are some of our “wais” Holiday shopping tips and ideas to consider!

  1. Make a list. It is so important that you’re on track. Making a list of the people that are expecting a gift from you will surely help you plan your budget. These days, it is not selfish to be practical. Even if you buy things at the last minute of time, preparing ahead is still your number one friend this season of giving.
  2. Avail Buy-1-Take-1 deals. As moms, we are naturally thoughtful. If you can’t think of the gifts for your relatives, especially if you have a lot of nieces, nephews or even friends, for sure Buy-1-take-1 offers will work for you. Besides, it will save you from thinking of what stuff you will give to them, it will also save your time and money as most of these deals are limited offers for this season and make sure that the things you bought can be used on a daily basis.
  3. Compare prices. Inflation worries every mom out there but take note that not everything requires to be pricey. Try to shop around and compare prices. You might be surprised how much you can save by shopping online instead of in a store. At the end, it’s not the price that counts, it is always the thought.
  4. Use of coupons and discounts. This holiday season, taking advantage of special discounted prices for your desired items must be on your bucket-list if you really want to save. Sometimes, supermarkets, home-buddy essential stores distribute freebies every once in a while if you’re a reward card holder and their “suki” in the business.
  5. Shop alone. If you really want to focus on spending your money tightly, don’t ever shop with your child if they haven’t been taught about discipline. Otherwise, you’ll head home with a dozen toys and stuff with you. In case you have no choice but to bring them along, setting some rules is essential.

These are all just tips. Remember that giving and receiving gifts are not always about the monetary cost. Oftentimes, it is just all about the presence we share momshies! … and the meaning behind the love that we offer to every special person in our lives.

We know Kapwa- momshies that we can make this season more merrier in every step of the way because the truth is, as always, ‘momshies know best!’

Have a happy holiday from us to yours, momshies!
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