Multi-talented actress and mental health advocate, Nadine Lustre gets real about her own struggles.

In this honest and unfiltered episode of An Open Mind with Liza Soberano, Nadine shares what she’s been up to recently. The actress has been preoccupied with finishing tapings for her upcoming movie with Viva Max, growing her mother’s plant business, and her recent move to Siargao. She also recently hopped on the team of Mind You Health Systems to help out in their activities.

“I needed a change in environment,” Nadine said, when asked what pushed her to move to Siargao. Apart from the magic she saw in the island, she also has friends who are based in the famous island. This made her move a done deal, athough it’s not a full relocation as most of her work is in Manila.

At the heart of their conversation, Nadine opens up about what it felt like when she started being aware of her mental struggles. “I couldn’t understand why I was always sad,” the actress shares. During the height of the pandemic, she grew more aware of what she was going through. She admits that bottling up her feelings made her jaded and contributed to the sadness she’s been feeling “Everything felt automatic, and it didn’t have heart,” the actress continues to recall.

Having a life coach and taking a more holistic approach are one of the steps she’s taking to help her with these struggles. She also mentioned about the work she’s doing with her music and how this has helped her heal.

Nadine Lustre is among the roster of artists of the indie record label, Careless Music founded by singer-actor and ex-boyfriend James Reid with former Pinoy Big Brother housemate, Bret Jackson.

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