Master Hanz Cua reads what is written in the stars to guide your day in KapalarHanz.

KapalarHanz is an astrology reading podcast hosted by Master Hanz Cua. The show releases a new episode every weekday morning, just in time to start your day with.

Master Hanz Cua is a Feng Shui Master dubbed as the “youngest Feng Shui Master in the Philippines and Asia.” Master Hanz earned a diploma as a Feng Shui Master Practitioner. He specializes in feng shui, bazi, or Chinese astrology and Zi Wei Dou Shu (Emperor Purple Star Astrology). Zi Wei Dou Shu is a form of fortune-telling that uses the querant’s birth date and birth time. Cua also accomplished Tarot Reading.

At the end of every episode, Master Hanz reminds us that his readings are just guides and that our life and success is in our hands.

Prior to hosting KapalarHanz, Master Hanz has hosted a segment ABS-CBN’s morning news program where he also did astrology readings. He also does occasional readings on other ABS-CBN shows.

Kapalarhanz is co-produced with ABS-CBN Creative Programs Inc (CPI) and Podcast Network Asia. This is the second co-produced show of the two, following Before They Were Stars: The Podcast.

Get your weekday Astrology readings in KapalarHanz with Master Hanz Cua! Listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and other major podcast platforms.

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