Kwentong Takipsilim Pinoy Horror Stories Podcast officially joins the incredible roster of Podcast Network Asia (PNA)’s shows. The team made its announcement last September 27, Tuesday, through its official Facebook page. The caption reads, “We would like to give a special thank you to Podcast Network Asia for accepting us as a part of their Podcast Family!”

Kwentong Takipsilim adds, “Salamat din sa lahat ng nakikinig sa podcast natin, kung papalarin we would be doing podcast exclusive episodes. Sa mga hindi pa nakakapakinig may Spotify po tayo.”

The network then welcomed the show with open arms. “We are beyond proud to have Takipsilim work with us! Welcome to the Podcast Network Asia family!”

What are the stories in Kwentong Takipsilim?

Kwentong Takipsilim is a narrative podcast that features spine-chilling horror stories in the Philippines. From stories about ghosts, Tagalog mythical creatures and mysterious events that even science can’t explain, the show has got it all for you.

The podcast features a mixture of true-to-life and Tagalog fiction horror stories. The thrilling sound effects and talented voice actors and narrator make their fans’ blood run cold.  

The stories you will encounter in Kwentong Takipsilim also allow a place for the supernatural to be present in our day-to-day lives. Think slice of life with a hint of mystery or horror. 

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Some well-received episodes are Roadtrip Horror Stories, Nanay Horror Stories, and the Embalsamador Horror Stories.

The inspiration behind the podcast

When asked about their love for horror, Christian mentions the team’s greatest influences, Asian horror films. 

“We watch horror movies a lot and always enjoy listening to horror stories. We love horror stories with twisted endings, and combining horror with other genres like comedy or drama. The feeling of nostalgia when we were young listening to our grandparents, and watching MGB Halloween specials.” 

From having a YouTube channel and being on the platform, Spreaker, Kwentong Takipsilim grants its fans’ requests. 

With 83,000 YouTube subscribers, 43,000 Facebook followers and thousands of regular podcast listeners, the fandom continuously grows.

Kwentong Takipsilim and Podcast Network Asia

“When the team approached us, we saw potential in the passion they have for making quality stories to be shared. As he shares his goal of connecting with their fans and growing their audience, we knew that they had what it takes to grow and earn from their craft,” says Atty. Josef Acuña, Podcast Network Asia’s Co-Founder. 

Catch Takipsilim everyday at 6AM. For more of their content make sure to follow them on their Instagram account, like their Facebook Page, join their Facebook Group, and subscribe to their YouTube channel.


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