When in Manila and Podcast Network Asia continue their partnership with a new podcast, Mom & Pod. The podcast will be hosted by When in Manila’s Chief Operating Officer, Sky Gavin.

When asked how Mom & Pod differs from the existing parenting podcasts in the country, Gavin says that in this podcast, “we keep it real.”

In an exclusive interview, she shares that it takes an entire village to raise a child. Her loved ones taught this invaluable lesson, giving her an idea to form a community where moms learn from one another.

“I always loved talking to my mommy friends, whether it’s about parenting, beauty or our children. It really helped me with my parenting style and it gives me ideas on what to do [that’s why] Mom & Pod aims to be the support that parents need,” says Gavin.

She also adds that the podcast will also dive deep on taboo topics such as LBTQ and single parenthood, giving the podcast an edge among existing parenting podcasts in the country.

“We make sure that all our guests will share from personal experience and we don’t just talk about traditional families that society perceives as perfect,” she reveals.

The show will invite celebrity moms to talk about family, relationships and career.

Mom & Pod is the second podcast that Podcast Network Asia and When in Manila are co-producing.

Mom of one

The podcast host, Sky Gavin, is a mother of a two-year-old baby girl. Aside from fulfilling the huge role of being a mother, she also thrives in her career as the COO of one of the biggest blog websites in the Philippines.

“I take it one day at a time. Now that she’s a little older, I explain to her that she can play on her own while I work, then we play together when I’m done,” says Gavin.

This parenting technique allows her to work during her work hours and spend quality time with her daughter as she clocks out. By doing this, her child gets to know when mommy’s “work time” and “playtime” are.

“Sometimes she asks me, ‘Mommy, are you working?’ and oftentimes I get a little guilty because she wants me to attend to her. I owe it to my husband and our parents who also help us with our daughter especially when we have many things to do,” she says.

Mom and Pod’s release date coincides with Sky’s birthday on November 24, 2021. This will be available on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or other podcast streaming platforms. You may also listen to When in Manila and Podcast Network Asia’s first co-produced podcast Young Money, hosted by Vince Golangco and Daiana Menezes.

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