“Sex and The City” was all the rage in the late 90s. But have you ever wondered what could have happened to the characters in their 50s? 

HBO makes a fast forward and answers that question through a sequel, “And Just Like That,” which premiered its sophomore season last June 23. 

“After 30” podcast  host Cara Eriguel is one of those thrilled for the continuation of the iconic series. She has watched “Sex and The City” as a teenager and grew up to be a fan of it. So she can’t help but watch “And Just Like That” too. 

For fans of the original series like her, the sequel drives a feeling of nostalgia. So Cara thought, why not create a new podcast just for it? A fan will never run out of things to talk about.

Just a day after the release of the Season 2 pilot of “And Just Like That,” Cara also released the first episode of her podcast “It’s Just Like That After 30” in collaboration with Podcast Network Asia.

“It’s Just Like That After 30” is unofficially and arguably the best companion podcast to “And Just Like That.”

The series drops a new episode every Friday 3PM on HBO Max, while Podcast Network Asia releases a new podcast episode every Saturday 3PM on all streaming platforms.