The biggest podcast network in Asia, Podcast Network Asia (PNA), offers a simple and affordable growth and editing subscription service for podcasters across the globe. Its newest product, Podmachine, is an AI-powered system that helps podcasters reach their fullest potential with minimal cost.

As of March 2022, reports show that there are over 4 million podcasts in the world and in 2021 alone, 1.7 million podcasts were created. However, a good chunk of independently created podcasts that were created likely stopped producing content because the real problem of podcasters is not the limitation in tools and resources but the lack of time and guidance to edit and grow their shows. 

As the most experienced podcast network in Asia, PNA has helped 265+ podcasts in Southeast Asia solve the problem of podcast editing and growth.

Normally, it takes around three to four hours to edit a single hour-long podcast episode. On top of that, marketing collaterals to further promote a show takes around one to two hours to make. Finding guests, sponsors and partners is also tedious work that one-man podcasters usually struggle with. 

This privilege is usually experienced only by podcasters that have a network or organization to help them. However, only a select few will ever have that chance to join a network hence PNA created a platform that democratizes these privileges so more podcasters can enjoy having a great team that helps them edit and grow their podcast for an affordable price –

What is Podmachine?


Podmachine is a subscription platform that helps podcasters grow and edit their shows. Using Podmachine, podcasters can let the production process be handled by a team of skilled producers. All the podcasters need to do is drop the episode with edit notes and it will be ready for publishing and release within a 48-hour window. 

Podcasters using Podmachine will also get to cross-promote their shows to similar podcasts and get help creating marketing collaterals for their show in just a few clicks. Podmachine does this because executing cross-promotions with the right podcasts is the most effective and proven way to grow a podcast audience.

Podmachine is also powered by a 24/7 AI assistant backed by well-experienced Podcast Managers that have helped hundreds of podcasters in managing their podcasts across multiple categories and formats.

“We’ve seen that the best podcasts thrive long-term when you have the best team helping the creator nurture the community and it takes a village to grow a podcast,” says Podmachine’s Founder and CEO, Ronster Baetiong 


Podmachine is available in three different plans: Basic for $49.99, Pro for $149.99, and Elite for $399.99. The Basic plan is perfect for existing podcasters who don’t want to edit their episodes, Pro is made for new podcasters who need help in creating their concept, sound design, and marketing strategies, while the Elite plan is for advanced podcasters who do video and content repurposing.

Join many new and established podcasts like the Shopify-focused eCommerce Fastlane podcast, which uses Podmachine for editing, mixing, show notes, and social media graphics for their twice-weekly show.

Podmachine helps podcasters do the dirty work in podcasting, making them record and let the system do the rest. To learn more about Podmachine, visit and get a free trial edit for one episode available in multiple languages. 

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