Asia in the Shadows

By Christine Abrigana


Asia In The Shadows is a true crime podcast hosted by Filipino-German Christine Abrigana. Christine is also known as the host of Lagim: A Filipino True Crime Podcast. She is a former lawyer, an avid traveller and someone who is fiercely proud of her Filipino and Asian roots. 

This was the main reason why Asia In The Shadows was created. This podcast will highlight crime stories from all over Asia, the largest and most diverse continent on the planet. In a genre that is largely dominated by Western podcasters and stories. True crime as a genre is therefore in need of a fresh infusion of stories from Asia that will not only look at the individuals involved but also at the unique cultures they find themselves in. As diverse as Asia is, some human conditions remain uniform and relatable for everyone – a reason to listen to this podcast no matter where you are from.

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