Proyekto Pilipino: Conversations on Civics and Politics

By Proyekto Pilipino


Proyekto Pilipino is a podcast about Filipino history, culture, and civics made for the Filipino people. The goal is to hold discussions about historical events and current issues to build a culture of valuing and understanding. 

In preparation for the May 2022 elections, season 1 will focus on highlighting the importance of Civics in our voting and electoral process.

Join Fr. Tito Caluag and three distinguished historians and thinkers—Dr. Leloy Claudio, Manolo Quezon III, and Carlo Santiago—as we refresh our knowledge of our rights and obligations as citizens, dive deeper into the processes and roles of the government, and understand the importance of taking part in the democratic project of the Philippines.

The goal: so we can make better and informed decisions for our country.

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