The Podcast of Plastic

The Podcast of Plastic

By Break Free From Plastic



The Asia Pacific (AP) region has long been a scapegoat for the plastic pollution crisis, with various reports and articles identifying several Asian countries as the top sources of plastic pollution. However, these often fail to represent the complete picture—particularly, the impact of the decisions made by corporations and governments outside of Asia that are affecting and spurring the crisis in this region.

Given this, the Break Free From Plastic movement is out to take back control of the narrative with The Podcast of Plastic. This podcast is inspired by the Emmy-awarded documentary The Story of Plastic, which not only shows the bigger picture around the plastics crisis, but also refutes preconceived notions about Asia as the source of the problem while also making counterpoints about Asia being an abundant source of solutions and highlighting many of the heroes across the region. Join Break Free From Plastic movement members and allies as they debunk the various myths about plastic and waste in the region in The Podcast of Plastic!

The Story of Plastic documentary is currently available for free until November. Visit to learn more about BFFP! 

Hosted by Goodwill Ambassador for UN Environment Programme Antoinette Taus. The theme music is by Tom Taus. 

New episodes every Tuesday.

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