The Coaching Happiness Podcast

Welcome to the Coaching Happiness Podcast! A podcast hosted by coach Kathi whose focused on heart-work and creating a better world one person at a time.

Books and movies have set a pretty high standard when it comes to romanticism, but has it distorted our notions for romance in the 21st century? Coach Kathi talks about expectations we were taught growing up, and why that sets us up for failure in modern day relationships.

In this age obsessed with perfection, how do we love the imperfect things about our partner? Y'know, the loud snoring, the need to win every argument, the corny jokes. After the honeymoon period of the relationship if over, what next? Coach Kathi talks about finding gratitude and appreciating the parts of our partners we'd usually loathe.

Coach Kathi kicks off love month by starting with the basics of any relationship - figuring out one another’s love languages and why it matters to our overall wellbeing.

A lot of Filipinos struggle with boundaries - knowing where their personal boundaries are as well as speaking up when they feel those boundaries are crossed. Coach Kathi discusses boundaries in romantic and parental relationships and how it affected her life.

This episode is all  about discomfort - getting out of your comfort zone because you have a bigger and grander version of yourself that you want to achieve! 


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