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Welcome to the precinct! GeekPD is a podcast of 3 Geektectives that investigate, discuss, review and report everything geek-related to infinity and beyond. Crack open case files and stay up-to-date on anything and everything geek with Drei, Migs and Ian! Welcome to the precinct - Welcome to GeekPD!

The X-Men entering the MCU is almost an inevitability at this point but how exactly will the higher ups at Marvel Studios incorporate our favorite misunderstood mutants story-wise? Also, the Geektectives take things to the stars as we discuss different aliens in movies leading into which version of Tranformers is the best series to date. To top it off, we delve into the lore of The Mandalorian. Jumping to lightspeed in 3...2...1!

As Lovecraftian themed media continues to show itself in todays pop culture, Join Geekdectives Drei, Ian and Migs, as they go a little insane in their search for Cthulhu’s true name! Along the way, they delve a little on Batmans new identity and enter the matrix! Will they summon the great old one? Will they go insane? Is Batman still Batman? ARE WE ACTUALLY IN THE MATRIX?? Find out on this episode of GeekPD!

With The Rise of Skywalker making its way to the big screen at light speed, the Geektectives take some time to speculate on popular fan theories and investigate the galaxy's most devious Sith Lord: Emperor Palpatine. Also, a quick discussion on the differences of Dungeon's and Dragons 3.5 and 5th Edition!

Some are passed down an intergalactic power ring, others are bitten by a radioactive spider and the rest are most likely lab accidents. Find out how three normal kids became the Geektectives that form GEEKPD: The precinct that investigates your weekly geekly needs to infinity and beyond!


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