Welcome to LovePreneurs, this show is all about using business and entrepreneurial concepts to tackle problems of the heart. Hosted by two entrepreneurs, Marcus Dee and Magellan Fetalino, the LovePreneurs podcast aims to entertain and educate its listeners on both business matters and matters of the heart.

As we transition from generalized isolation to the “New Normal”, everyone looks forward to a better lifestyle. However, the life ahead will not be the same as before, making many anxious. In this episode of LovePreneur, HR expert Bettina Chiongbian, who has close-to-20 years experience in HR-Operations Business Partnering, Employer Branding and Talent Management, discusses how a tried-and-tested method (commitment, engagement and satisfaction) of managing employer-employee relationship can help us adjust and thrive in our changing world. We also discovered how relevant Bettina’s method is in keeping the “flame” alive in our love lives. So join us in this enlightening discussion on employment and personal relationships.

After weeks of being honkered down, the whole world knows that a "New Normal" is about to emerge after COVID-19. Entrepreneurs and lovers alike are preparing on how we will be handling our businesses and our relationships given the constant fear now associated of being in a social setting. With the help of our LovePreneur guest this week, a true heroine during this period, CEO and Founder of Equilife Medical, Abetina Valenzuela discusses how her business and relationship are adapting to the New Normal.

The whole world is on a standstill due to the global pandemic brought upon by the notorious coronavirus, a.k.a COVID-19. Everyone from businessmen and workers to people in quest of true love, have to take a pause and stay at home to avoid the further spread of the virus around the world. This break has caused a major crisis in the markets due to the postponement of trade and disruption in supply chains, but at the same time, brought lovers apart due to the travel restrictions imposed globally. In this special episode of LovePreneurs, we invited CEO Joshua Aragon, to give us his thoughts on getting through a crisis like this.

“Put the right people in the right seat.” --- Human interaction is vital in any relationship whether in business or in romance. The people we associate with not only defines how other people perceive us, but also affects our character and the way we make decisions. In this Valentines day episode of LovePreneurs, the duo invited a fellow LovePreneur, Audrey Tanco Uy, owner of Bizu Catering and ServeHappy Jobs, to talk about how to find the right people, and how to deal with people when it comes to business and romantic relationships. Don’t forget to add us on Instagram at @lovepreneursph!

There are opportunities all around us both in business and in love. Sometimes, we don’t even realize that it’s right smack on our face because of our tendency as humans to be easily distracted. In this No Holds Barred episode of LovePreneurs, Marcus and Magellan invited serial entrepreneur Jackie Rodriguez, one of the stakeholders of Bistro Group, together with returning guest Carla Cabrera to talk about identifying opportunities and their experiences in regards to approaching these opportunities in their years of doing business and exploring love and relationships. Don’t forget to add us on Instagram at @lovepreneursph!


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