Rated I

The Rated I Podcast talks about the lives and inspirational stories of influencers outside social media. That side that people don't see and never would have expected? Yup, let's talk about that!

In today's Rated I episode, we have husband-and-wife duo, MICHAEL FLORES of the popular 90s dance group, The Manoeuvres, and the Philippines' representative to the Miss Universe 2000 pageant, NINA RICCI ALAGAO! Mike and Nina talk about how their careers and entrepreneurial ventures have progressed since their early years in showbiz, Mike's passion for dance and acting, Nina's beauty pageant journey and her art practice, and their life as partners and parents to three boys.

"I know her, I've seen her somewhere," you must think.  Well, let me tell you this: you have DEFINITELY seen her on TV. She's an actress, an exceedingly smart comedienne, and a certified Kapamilya. Ian Galliguez talks about how she came by being an actress, her learnings in the many years she's been on TV, her vision to elevate Philippine comedy, and her resounding life goal of empowering the Filipina woman.

What I like about my good friend Jarlo Solde, whom the radio and internet world know as "Jojo The Love Survivor" is that his personality, message, and image are all congruent. We live in a world where people think speaking perfect English equates to intelligence. In this episode, Jojo proves otherwise. He cares less about whether his English is right; he only cares if his message got across correctly -- which ultimately is what really matters. Jojo is a true survivor in every sense of the word, not only in love but also in life in general. He narrates how luck has turned to his favor when he found himself extremely brokenhearted, which paved the way for him to be a regular host in a radio show.

Just in time for May, which incidentally is also Mental Health Awareness Month, we have in the show Doc Gia Sison, an amazing doctor and mental health advocate, who's been active in fundraising efforts for frontliners (she's also a frontliner herself!) during this COVID-19 pandemic. She talks about what happens in the life of a medical frontliner on a daily basis as we all face the terrors of this disease. She also gives us tips on how we can take care of our mental health during this trying time. Doc Gia said she did not pass the physician licensure exam on her first take -- but she never gave up. She's always been a fighter and a WINNER! A very short episode, but a super inspiring one, indeed!

When we think of Gen Z influencers, we might think of brats who found their fame in the internet by some twist of fate. Kyo Quijano is different. He's a true artist and a natural creative, who struggled and worked very diligently to get to where he is right now. As a full-time content creator, he spends his time strategically planning and writing down plans for all the content that he puts out to his social media channels. In this episode, Kyo walks us through how the life of a full-time content creator is really like, his inspirations and idols in his craft, and my favorite part -- he also gave precious love advice to younger millennials, saying that love is something that shouldn't be rushed. Intelligent conversations? Yes, please!


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