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The Rated I Podcast talks about the lives and inspirational stories of influencers outside social media. That side that people don't see and never would have expected? Yup, let's talk about that!

It’s not everyday that one can get priceless advice from a top corporate executive, a go-getting entrepreneur, a tech aficionado, a sneaker geek, a hustler content creator, and a certified loverboy – all rolled into one. This episode is one precious hour of learning from Carlo Ople himself, who champions the “7 to 1 Movement” of building one’s dream ventures with a demanding day job in parallel. Carlo talks about how he’s gone from a call center agent job fresh out of college to being one of the most successful people in his industry. While it seems that Carlo has done it all, he only proves that there are even bigger and better things to come, of course giving credit and honoring the best partner he can ever ask for – his wife. :)

They say that “opposites attract.” It couldn’t be truer in the case of Mikey Bustos and RJ Garcia, who are partners in almost every aspect of life, of course in business and in romance. Mikey & RJ openly talk about their relationship, their (extremely interesting and unique) businesses, their advocacies and passion projects, and how they manage their finances and assets as a couple. They also let us in to the very exciting story of the day when they met – or actually, “the morning after” ;)

When we talk about beauty pageants, we think only of the glitz and glamor; all sugar, spice, and everything nice. In this episode, Miss Philippines Earth 2019, Janelle Tee, lets us in to the side of beauty pageants we don’t see: the politics, the expenses, and how each pageant contestant has to scrounge and find ways to make her dream a reality. Janelle also talks about her pageant journey, from being a humble “probinsyana” to bagging the crown of one of the most prestigious pageants in the world.

Perseverance, passion, grit. These are just a few of the many admirable things about Anthony Bueno, more popularly known as DJ Tonytoni. Very fitting for a pilot episode, Tony talks about his humble beginnings, how he made his very first paycheck in the Philippines, why he has always chosen to remain a bachelor, and how showing up for radio has always been a sacred routine.

What’s up what’s up, everybody? Hello and welcome to RATED I! In this show, we will unravel the true colors, real life dramas, and deepest darkest secrets, of famous people in Philippine internet. Nothing incriminating though! We shall talk to your favorite influencers to get to know them better and see who they really are beyond what we see in social media. My name is Ace Gapuz and I’ll be your host for this show. I am a marketing professional and an entrepreneur, and I’m currently the Chief Executive Officer of the Philippines’ premier influencer marketing company, Blogapalooza. First and foremost, maybe you’re wondering, “Why is the show called ‘Rated I’?” “What does the ‘I’ mean?” Well, the “I” can mean a lot of things like “I” as in I, an individual, representing authenticity and being your true self. “I” can also mean inspiring, invigorating, indispensable, interesting, and — quite predictably — “I” stands for “influencer”, because the people that we will get to know together in this show are all legit influencers, whom I believe we should all admire and look up to. The reason why I felt inspired to put up this podcast is because I’ve been a blogger since 2001. Yes, that’s right, I started in the industry almost 20 years ago and I’ve really seen how this industry has evolved through the years. I’ve seen many people come and go. I’ve seen trends, evolutions, new cultures — safe to say that in the nearly two decades that I’ve been in influencer marketing, I’ve seen a WHOLE LOT. In these times, social media has really changed the way we view and follow people. But of course sometimes when we get all too immersed in the social media universe, we have that tendency to make a sweeping generalization of how a person is like based only on what we see online. Gets niyo? Like, even if we know that not everything we see in social media is real, it’s sort of automatic na for us to make judgments about somebody based on whatever we see in their social media pages. That is the reason why this podcast here — we want to tell real stories of real people, beyond social media. We shall talk to the influencers, pero kwentuhan lang, more of getting to know them and how they are like as real people off the lens of social media and view them in another perspective. I want to be able to help tell stories of individuals that deserve to be legit Rated “I”, because they give so much value, earning them the right to be called an “Influencer”. If you wish to get a glimpse of how the real life of a social media influencer is like, please follow and subscribe to Rated I, available in Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and all the podcast apps. It’s also ratedi.podcast in all social networks. All episodes and show notes may be found in my website, acegapuz.com. Sobrang excited ko nang makipagkwentuhan sa mga influencers and really be inspired by their lives and their stories. I’m sure magiging super fun na learning journey ito for all of us, so stay tuned and remember, in Rated I, we aim to #ElevateInfluence. Talk to you guys soon!


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