The Eve's Drop

Women talk. And it gets real. There will be drama. There will be truth. There will be questions. There may be some tears and more laughs. This is what happens when women talk. Hosted by Delamar Arias, Francesca Tobias, and Gelli Victor. Produced by Jude Rocha.

What starts out as a scheduled 30 minute episode stretches out to 57 mins. Sorry Jude!! :) 

The Eve's all came across an article recently that was entitled "We Remain Stuck At The Mental Age Where We Received The Least Love". It struck a cord in all of us and we knew we had to unpack this. We invited once again, the gracious founder of the Third Eye Wellness Center,  Sanaiyah Gurnamal to guest on the show and share her teachings and understanding of this. As always we learned A LOT!  Eavesdrop now to find out where you are in the stages and how to heal the child within you! 

Fran, Gelli and Delle recap and react to the feedback from their wonderful episode with Tony Toni. Plus they have a surprise guest slash sponsor joining them as well. Gelli also talks about her experience meeting her all time crush! Who is it? Do you know? Go ahead and eavesdrop to find out!

ToniTony has always been a big mystery to us. Working in the same industry but never getting the chance to get to know each other, we’ve always wondered what makes this guy tick. Who is the guy who started his radio career as DJ T-Bone? Is his radio persona a direct reflection of his real self? Find out as Delle, Fran and Gelli take a deep dive into what Anthony Bueno is all about and if there is more to him than meets the eye.

Delle, Gelli and Fran react, recap and fact check themselves on things said on the Full Disclosure episode. 


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