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Philippine radio show turned podcast hosted by Pinky Aseron and Ryan Joseph.

We're back for Episode 3! In this episode of the podcast, we got to your answers for the question "Which horror movie kept you awake at night? Why?". Make sure to follow us on social-media @GenGapPH and while you're at it, follow Podcast Network Asia as well or checkout their website at!

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Hey everybody! Welcome to the 2nd episode of #TheGenerationGap!  In this episode, Ryan and Pinky talked about dating! Specifically, online dating vs traditional dating! Which one do YOU prefer, online dating or traditional dating? Slide into our DMs @GenGapPH to let us know! 💙

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Hello, everybody! We're back after being away from radio for the past few months. To ya'all folks who don't know us, The Generation Gap is a show that talks about basic life issues in a light manner, coming from the perspective of two different generations - that of the baby boomer (Pinky Aseron) VS that of the Gen Z-er (Ryan Joseph).  Trust us, it can be pretty amusing. 

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