Underpaid with Stanley Chi

Wanna talk about work? Are you stressed because you have an idiot boss? Listen to Underpaid with Stanley Chi. Underpaid is a podcast that talks about work related topics, anything and everything about the office such as how to deal with your horrible boss, office mates, office politics and how to survive the corporate world. Hosted by comedian Stanley Chi, this show is based on his bestselling book Office Petiks.

To resign or not to resign, that is the question. We know that a lot of employees have side hustles during the ECQ. If you're one of those people who's thinking of starting your own business, you're in luck because the gang of misfits invited Chinkee Tan to discuss the pros and cons of resigning and starting your own business during the lockdown.

Do you need motivation at work because of stress? Are you burned out because of the tight deadlines while working from home? We got you fellow Imortal, because the gang invited Bro. Bo Sanchez. He will share inspiring words to motivate us while working from home during the ECQ.

Are you worried that you might get fired during the ECQ? Because of our current situation some companies are even laying off employees via Zoom. The people who land on their feet, though, are the ones who can spot a layoff before it happens. The Underpaid gang of Stanley Chi, Madam HR Faye and Papi Lex discusses the possible signs that your job might be in jeopardy or if you're just being paranoid.

Wanna learn how to invest in the Philippine stock market? You're not alone, because the misfits of the Underpaid podcast invited registered financial planner Fitz Villafuerte to share some tips on how to start investing in stocks during the ECQ.

Are you being bullied in the office? Does your boss undermine you most of the time? Long hours, tight deadlines and ever-increasing demands can cause stress and anxiety. Mental health advocates Riyan Portuguez, Emily Laurente and Gladys Canillo joins the Underpaid barkada to share their knowledge about the importance of creating a healthy workplace.


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