Dusco and Clara are back for the third season of Adult Content with more lessons in life, love, and how being intimate with yourself can help with your relationships. Read on to catch up on their latest episodes!

They’re back!

After a short break and teasing their return for season 3, our Dyosas and Supremos finally reunited with their favorite duo when they returned back in mid-July. Starting off strong with a Burning Questions episode, Dusco and Clara read questions from their ACDC universe (the nickname they have given their loyal followers) after hearing how many of their listeners loved the past season.

The two received praise for their breakaway and Never Have I Ever episodes, and even called back to episode four of season 2 as well.


As they have previously announced, D & C will invite guests this season. On the question of who will these said guests be, the only thing Clara gave us is a little tease, saying it will be a surprise. To set this season’s theme, Clara gave a preview of what their listeners could expect their conversations would be like in their first episode.

Listen in and learn tips on how to maintain sexual drive. Do Dusco and Clara have video scandals? What is Dusco’s type in women? Does D & C think that feelings can bloom between two people hooking up? This and more in Adult Content’s first episode this season!


For their second episode, Dusco and Clara go through their fan mail and read some of their listener’s stories. One shares their heartbreak from an LDR. The other revisits a first love kilig from the 80s. Another wild one talked about doing the deed while other people are in the same room as you! Tune in to episode two for all this, and more.

The more the merrier!

For their third episode, Dusco and Clara have their first guest over—Cara Eriguel from the After 30 podcast!

In this episode, Cara joins the ACDC universe as she reads fan mail with Dusco and Clara. She also answers her very own set of burning questions courtesy of the ACDC universe. Has she ever broken up with a friend? Can you really be friends with your ex? And what should we do if your ex’s current partner asks you to stay away from your ex? Don’t miss this episode to find out how Cara takes the heat!

For their other episodes, they have invited over Inggo and Tito P from Machong Chismisan, and Underpaid’s Stanley Chi!

For this and more, don’t miss their episodes and tune in every Friday, only on Spotify.