It is part of human nature to be inquisitive. We are curious beings. We obsess over questions and spend so much time pondering things, especially when it comes to the unknown. Uncertainty never really sits well with us.

We don’t have to be in the pursuit of world-altering knowledge to be trapped in our heads. Weighing the pros and cons of making a decision, or bracing yourself for a situation is enough for us to be carried away by our train of thought. Before we know it, we are stuck choosing between hypothetical paths that keep on diverging and branching out, and oops! Overthinking na naman.

If you’re a regular on TikTok, chances are you have encountered a video or two from a peppy content creator with a big sis vibe. She would be talking about what if’s and giving advice about self-love, relationships, heartbreaks, and overcoming life’s challenges all the while enjoying some snacks. And her videos loop too!

Joelle is known for being a radio DJ for Q Radio and a voice actor. As of writing, she has garnered a following of 451k people on TikTok, where she uses her voice to help people “landi (flirt) responsibly.”

@joelleohwell Reply to @dadatripleseven for those who love thinking about “what if” when they meet someone new. #joelleamonera ♬ original sound – joelleohwell | landi tips vo – “Paano Kung” podcast | Spotify

With every “Paano kung?” sent her way, she answers them with a steady reassurance and a smile of encouragement. She is thankful for the platform TikTok has given her, and this podcast would allow her to take things a step further.

“Nobody knows that the heck we’re doing anyways,” Joelle says. “So, tara! Tulungan tayo. Tuklasin nalang natin yung mga possibilities.”

If we never shoot, we’ll never know. And as she puts it simply, we are on a quest with her to address all the doubts and worries we have and look at them in a different way. Together, we will face our fears with excitement.

Listen to Paano Kung… every Tuesday and Friday, only on Spotify!

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