In an episode of Walwal Sesh, hosts Doc Gia Sison and Sir Renz Argao talk about the lessons they’ve learned from a broken heart. Together with special guest dietitian Jo Sebastian, the Spotify Exclusive show discussed the correlation of our broken hearts to our sleep patterns, as the hosts of the “Podcast ng mga sawi” remember some of their own experiences as well.

The show’s Episode 211, which is sponsored by Puritan’s Pride Melatonin Natural Sleep Aid, talked about 3 real lessons from a broken heart along with Jo Sebastian’s thoughts on how our body and mind can heal through it. Here are some of the lessons they discussed in the episode:

Healing is an everyday commitment

Everything takes time, and healing is one of them. When we are in the process of healing, don’t expect it to be as linear. There will be bumps along the way, and there will be days when you suddenly feel like you’re back in that abyss of darkness again and that’s fine. This is something this episode reminded Walwalers

Don’t feel guilty for taking care of yourself

The episode’s guest, Jo Sebastian, urges listeners to “force rest.” According to her, when people feel burnt out, forcing themselves to do more would only harm their wellbeing. Taking a rest for about two weeks can do can make your body and mind miss the things you do, making the process of healing more healthy and natural.

Remind yourself of the things you deserve

A lot of people struggle with eating habits because they think they don’t deserve to eat. This is an example given by Jo Sebastian as she shares some of the things she witnessed with her patients’ physical health. With this, she reminded everyone that if you’re compromising your happiness for your so-called end goal, maybe you should rethink if that goal is worth it after all.

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