WhenInManila expands its digital footprint by teaming up with the biggest podcast network in Southeast Asia. This is part of the organization’s effort to share more stories in various ways, starting with the release of Young Money Podcast.

The podcast is hosted by social media influencers and business entrepreneurs Daiana Menezes and Vince Golangco. In the podcast, the duo talks about career opportunities and pieces of advice for people want to follow their footsteps.

“On the Young Money Podcast, you’ll meet different amazing guests every week. We’ll grind them about their journey towards financial freedom and personal success. We’re going to get a step-by-step guide on how these entrepreneurs started out, and how they got to the top,” says When In Manila’s CEO Vince Golangco.

He adds that people don’t really like to talk about finances. So, in the podcast, Vince and Daiana will try to get the figures on how much their guests are making and what you can do to earn as much as them.

The show currently has three episodes already. So far, they have guested Carlo Ople, Hershey Hilado, and Axie Infinity’s Peter Ing. In the episodes, they talked about balancing corporate life and building your dreams, finding the strength to overcome trials, and earning through video games.

In a statement, Golangco shares that, “When in Manila, people are often caught in hours-long traffic, so podcasts are a perfect way to reach them and spread some positivity.” He adds that this is what urged the organization to put up content through audio on demand.

“The digital world isn’t just about blogs, or videos, or any one social media, being digital is about creating content and podcasting is definitely one of the biggest digital platforms in the world. Podcasting is also growing very fast in the Philippines right now and thus, it is the perfect time to create a podcast,” says Golangco.

Listen to Young Money Podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcast, or wherever you get your dose of podcast fix! You can watch out for new episodes every Monday. You can also follow Young Money on Facebook and subscribe to its YouTube channel for more updates.